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User API keys GET‚Äč

Required Permissions: User Get or User Admin

Path Parameters
    userId integer required

    The id of the User that you wish to get the API Keys of.


A JSON Object containing an array of all API keys that are linked to a user.

    items integer
    page integer

    Possible values: >= 1

    total integer
    user_api_keys object[]
  • Array [
  • id integer
    name string
    description string
    key uuid
    permissions string

    Possible values: Value must match regular expression create,edit,delete,read

    used_at date-time nullable
    created_at date-time
    created_by_user_id integer
    updated_at date-time nullable
    updated_by_user_id integer nullable
    created_by object
    archived boolean
    avatar object nullable
    avatar_file_upload_url string
    created_at date-time
    created_by_user_id integer

    Possible values: >= 1

    department string
    email email
  • ]