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Creating A Feature Flag

Feature flags allow you to easily turn features on and off within the ABsmartly platform, without having to go through the entire experimentat creation process. This is useful for testing new or error-prone features.


Similar to experiments, feature flags have a name and an optional display name, which can be set here. The name is used in your code to check if the feature flag is enabled or not, but the display name will be shown in the ABsmartly dashboard.


Feature flags can have up to four variants. Each variant can be given a name, have screenshots added to it and can be assigned some variant variables.


The audiences step allows you to choose who will see your feature flag. You choose your unit type, and applications and can then select a targeting audience to refine the flag to a specific group of users.


In the metrics step, you can choose which metrics you want to track for the duration of your feature flag. Unlike experiments though, feature flag primary metrics are not required.


Here, you can add any additional metadata to your feature flag. This step can be customised in the Platform Settings to include any other fields you may need.


The review step allows you to check over all the details of your feature flag before saving, starting it in development or starting it in production.